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Biennial Conference – Call For Presenters

Are you a Conference Presenter? We want you to come to Arkansas!

We are thrilled to invite your submissions to our Arkansas RID Biennial Conference! We look forward to reviewing your proposals and will contact you with any questions and with hiring decisions. If you encounter any issues while completing this form, please contact the ARID Program Chair at

*Selected presenters will be paid an honoraria of $200 per presentation hour. A note that this is the amount paid in total, not to each presenter. In the case of group presentations presenters will need to resolve how they will portion the $200/hour amongst themselves. For presenters who are selected to give workshops across multiple days, travel and lodging packages will be made and included in your initial hiring offer. 

Information to have before you apply

*Workshop specific information can be modified after the fact, we want to be able to make an informed decision while selecting candidates. 

  • Resume/CV
  • Bio
  • Headshot
  • Workshop title
  • Workshop Description
  • Educational Objectives
  • Target Audience
  • Level of participant’s prior knowledge 
  • Media/Materials (List the print, audio and visual materials you will use)
  • Evaluation & Assessment (Describe how you will evaluate student learning & presentation effectiveness.)
  • What will this workshop qualify for in regards of RID CEUs (i.e.. PS, GS, PPO)
  • What language you would be presenting in (English/ASL)
  • How long the workshop would last (1.5 hours., 3 hours., 6 hours, etc.)

Applications are open from Date to Date!