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The Ella Irby Professional Development Scholarship

The Scholarship Application Form and the Scholarship Rubric Evaluation Form can be found at the bottom of this webpage. 

Purpose of the Ella Irby Professional Development Scholarship Funds

The Ella Irby Professional Development Scholarship was established for individual ARID members (organizational members are not eligible). These funds are used to send any two (2) ARID members to a national or regional conference hosted by NBDA, NAOBI, or a similar BIPOC national or regional organization.

The Scholarship Award Package 

Member pairs will receive: two (2) conference registrations, two (2) travel arrangements, one (1) hotel room for the conference dates, CEU processing for an independent study of up to 2.0 PS CEUs for both for the development of a workshop to be presented to ARID, CEU processing for first-time presentation of the that workshop, and the standard ARID honorarium for the presentation of the workshop.

Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship requires that pairs apply together. ARID will not assign members into pairs or accept applications from single members.

  • One (1) recipient must be a current voting member of ARID who is in at least their 4th year of membership in ARID. For years 1-3 the type of membership may have been supporting or student.  
  • The second recipient must be in at least their second year of ARID membership and may be a voting, supporting, or student member. 
  • Both recipients must hold a current Arkansas Interpreter License or Arkansas Provisional License.

Conditions for Recipients of the Scholarship

  • In exchange for sponsoring their attendance, the two selected recipients will contract with ARID to develop and provide a minimum of 0.6 PS CEUs in coordination with the ARID Program Committee and ARID Professional Development Committee Chairs. This may take the form of a single quarterly workshop, of multiple, shorter installments to be recorded and released online, or of another format agreed upon by both of the recipients, the Program Committee Chair, and the Professional Development Committee Chair.  
  • The selected recipients must deliver content equating to 0.6 PS CEUs within 6-9 months of the attended conference’s end date. 
  • In the event that one or both of the recipients do not meet the contractual obligations, the allocated funds will be reimbursed back to ARID.

Electronic Application Process

As part of its efforts to reduce negative environmental impacts, ARID only accepts electronic submissions. All submissions must be complete and submitted as a Word.doc (scanned items in pdf or jpg formats) to the Scholarship Committee at  

  • Application Form
  • Verification of ARID membership status 
  • Arkansas Licensure (scanned copies)

Scholarship Application Form (PDF)

Email the completed Ella Irby Scholarship Form to, or fill it out online

Evaluation Form (PDF)

The attached evaluation form will be used by the board of ARID to evaluate each scholarship application form.