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Certification and Licensure

Arkansas Department of Health, Advisory Board for Interpreters for the Deaf. Page includes:

  • Contact information for the Advisory Board members
  • Committees
  • Forms
  • Board Minutes
  • Resources

Download the ADH Licensure Application HERE.

View the law HERE.

View website HERE.

QAST:  Quality Assurance Screening Test – a state screening mechanism conducted to evaluate the skill level of interpreters.

The following list of settings for qualifications is not all-inclusive.

  1. QAST I; BEI I
    Registration, Classroom Extracurricular Activities
    Social Services – Independent Living, Basic Living Skills, Bus Card
    Civic Club Meetings, Recreation, Socialization
  2. QAST II; BEI II; BEI Basic
    Driver’s License Testing
    Eligibility for services – Follow-up Interview
    Support Services – Non-Academic Advisors
    Support Services – Orientation, Life/Job Skills
    Basic Job Readiness Training (semi-skilled technical or unskilled labor)
    Interview Application for Services
    On-the-job Training
    Sheltered Workshop
    All settings listed in Subsection XI(A) 12
  3. QAST III; BEI III; BEI Advanced
    Social Services –Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, TEA/SNAP benefits
    Continuing Education Workshops
    Job Related: staff meetings, employee/employer meetings, safety workshops, job training,
    vocational counseling, vocational assessment
    Tax preparation, credit counseling, mortgage/loan counseling
    Diagnostics and Evaluations
    Routine Physical Exams, in Patient/Out-Patient Hospital Care
    Hospital Admissions
    Nursing homes, home health services, community health education, self-help programs, 12 Step programs
    Basic tutoring (out of school)
    Postsecondary Education-Academic Courses, Academic Advisors
    Vocational-Technology Trainings
    Employment Related/Union Meetings
    Childbirth Classes-Planned Parenthood
    All settings listed in Subsections XI(A) & XI(B)
  4. QAST IV-V; BEI IV-V; BEI Master
    Social Services Disputes
    Polygraph Testing
    Post Bond
    Discrimination Proceedings – Prior to court
    Mental Health
    Meetings with Parole/Probation Officers
    Medical – Emergency Room, General Rounds and Surgery, Health Care Providers and
    Hospice, Medical Documents
    Graduate and Post-Graduate Education
    Restraining Order Application
    Speaker or Lectures
    Civil Weddings Performed in or out of a Courtroom
    Employment Related – Job Interview/Application, Firing, Disciplining, Performance
    Tax Assessment/Appeal Proceedings
    All settings listed in Subsections XI(A), XI(B), & XI(C)
  5. RID Credentials

    Legal Proceedings in/out of the courts
    Domestic/Family Violence Calls and Investigations 13
    Abuse Calls and Investigations
    Governmental Proceedings
    Pre-Trial Release
    Peace Bonds/Restraining Orders, Copyrights/Patents
    Campus Police or other law enforcement investigations
    Civil Investigations
    Child Custody or Child Welfare
    Jury Duty
    All settings listed in Subsections XI(A), XI(B), XI(C), XI(D), & XI(E).
    **All in-court cases must adhere to Act 237: An Act to Amend the Process for Appointment, Certification, and Regulation of Court Interpreters; and for other purposes.

Arkansas Rehabilitation Services/QAST
900 W.7th Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
Front Desk Phone: 501-686-2800
Cheryl Sugg, Interpreter Coordinator/ SSP Services Phone: 501-686-9683

Page includes:

  • QAST Screening Application
  • Contracting Invoice Narrative Report
  • QAST CEU Approval Form

View Website HERE

RID National Interpreter Certification

Page includes various certification opportunities.

Visit the RID site for more information about the RID Certification Process HERE

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