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How Can I Become an Interpreter / Learn Sign Language?

Degree in ASL Interpretation 

Arkansas requires interpreters to possess a bachelor’s degree to take the state credentialing test. If you are interested in getting a degree in American Sign Language (ASL) Studies (Associates Degree) or Interpretation: ASL/English (Bachelor Degree) you can contact UALR’s Interpreter Education Program here.

American Sign Language (ASL) Classes

If you are just wanting to learn basic Sign Language you can take ASL Classes at UALR also the Arkansas School for the Deaf (ASD) provides community classes on there website here. 

Arkansas Interpreting Test

The state credentialing test in Arkansas called the Quality Assurance Screening Test (QAST) is provided at the Arkansas Rehabilitation services office. More information about testing can be found at their website here. You can also see a list of state credentialed interpreters on this site as well. 

National Certification Test

Our national organization is the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). If you are wanting to become a Nationally Certified interpreter you can find more information at Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf’s (RIDs) website here as well as the testing administrator CASLI here. 

Arkansas Licensure Law

Once an interpreter is credentialled or certified within the state of Arkansas they are required to hold an Arkansas interpreter license which is issued through the Arkansas Department of Health. To find more information about how to obtain, maintain, and renew your license visit the Arkansas Advisory Board or Interpreters for the Deaf’s website here. You can also find a list of licensed interpreters within the state there as well.

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