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Where Can I Find My Membership Card?


Your membership card can be located within your member portal. Steps to access your card are below.

Log into your Membership Portal

On the top green bar located on every page there is an option to “Log In”. Once you select that button you will be directed to a log in page where you will enter your Username and Password (If you are unsure of your username you can contact for assistance). 

Navigating to your member portal

Once you log in the options on the top green bar where you went to log in will have changed. You will now see the option “Member Portal” You can either click that option or select what you would like from the drop down menu. If you select the “Member Poral” button you will be directed to a landing page where you will see a few green buttons to select from.

Downloading/Printing your Membership Card

Once you select the “Membership Card” button you will be directed to a page where you can see your card. If you want to download your card there will be an option above the card that says “Download PDF”. Once you select this button then it will automatically download a file to your computer. Then you can print your card from this file. We know that our membership likes to print off their cards so we made it so that the card will print off in a size that will fit into a wallet. 

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